How Online Slots Work

  • Sunday, Jul 25, 2021

Online slots at , tops the list of most popular casino games in the world. The dependence on luck to strike a win makes the game a major hit among players. Find out how players make a win below.

Are Random are Online Slots?

Each slot game comes with a random number generator for generating outcomes after spinning the reels. The RNG is responsible for ensuring the results are completely random every time a player spins the reels at the casino.

After finishing spinning the results, the RNG becomes oblivious of any past events or wins. It ensures that chances of a player making a win at the casino remains similar from one person to the other.

How Does RNG Work?

The RNG is in charge of dispelling results each time a player spins the reels on their favorite slot game. The RNG is at the heart of any online slot game. The RNG discharges millions of numbers.

Series of Numbers

The millions of numbers are feed to the system. Some few of these numbers are predetermined as winning numbers when spinning the reels. The rest of the remaining millions of numbers contain losing ones when spinning.

  • Numbers are offered
  • System of numbers is purely random

Making a Win

In case a player is able to spin the reels and unlock the winning combination covered by symbols on the screen, it makes a win. The computer algorithm makes a win or loss at the slots game in milliseconds.

Working System

The RNG is responsible for generation winning combinations in milliseconds. Furthermore, each spin at the casino is purely unique. Therefore, results from the previous spin will not affect your next spin. You can land a jackpot consecutively.

Symbols in Slot Games

As mentioned earlier, the series of codes are represented in form of symbols on the screens. There are different combinations results in different payouts. The whole slot game is based on binary to win or lose.

  1. Screen represent binary numbers
  2. Symbols contain combinations

The possible outcomes of the spin are divided into a win or a loss. For 3-reel slots, there is a combination for each column. For example, cherry can stand as a symbol. Three cherries on each column is a win.

What About RTP?

Apart from the random number generator, another important aspect of the winning criteria includes the RTP. It is refers to the Return to Player. It represents how much a slot machine will payout overtime at the casino.

High RTP

All RTPs for slot games are represented in form of percentages. For example, if a slot game has an RTP of 96%, it means that the average win for each round is 5% of either a dollar or euro wagered.


A low RTP means that the house gets a higher percentage of returns after all rounds. The averages for the RTPs are calculated overtime after millions and millions of spins. You have a low chance of losing.

Which is Best RTP?

Both RTPs, high or low, apply well in different situations at the casino. High RTPs give you opportunity to walk away with a big win. On the other hand, low RTPs give low returns over a short time.

What is Slot Variance?

An important aspect you need to account for in terms of payouts is variance. In simple terms, variance refers to the risk involved in slot games. There are three types of variances; high, mid or low.

Can You Trust Online Slots?

There are different factors you need to check before trusting online slots. You need to check whether the casino is licensed. Furthermore, you need to read online reviews about the casino to get a hint of its reputation.

In addition, the RNGs are tested and certified by independent third parties such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs for compliance and fairness. Check these certification credentials at the casino before choosing any casino to play slots from.